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INTRO TO K9 Nose Work®

For dogs that are new to Nose Work, this intro class sets  the foundation of independent hunting, building motivation to search while laying the ground work for important skills going forward!  This first session is taught entirely with food and/or toys, ensuring that dogs have a clear understanding of driving to source and confident problem solving before moving on to odor. Dogs must be able to be crated calmly either in the building or in your car.

Next Session at 4-Legged Friends, starts: 

JAN 7, 2024 at 6:30 PM! 


And please complete the NEW CLIENT QUESTIONNAIRE



For teams that have successfully completed the Intro to Nose Work class and are ready to add target odors (Birch, Anise and Clove) to their searches.  We will discuss odor kit hygiene, reward strategies and timing, hide placement, search motivation and basic dynamics of odor movement.   


You can purchase a starter odor kit for $10 on the first night of class or you can buy a larger 3 odor kit from one of our recommended suppliers ( or

 Intro to Nose Work is pre-requisite for this course.

Next Session starts at 4-Legged Friends:

JAN 7, 2024 at 5:00 PM




For dogs that have an established understanding of odor this class adds in new elements, solidifies the dogs drive to source and begins to rely less on pairing and more on staying at source and waiting for reward.  Searches become larger and more complex and skills such as elevation and converging odor are introduced.  

Intro to Odor or a demonstrated understanding of all 3 odors are prerequisite for this class.

NEXT SESSION at Kamp Kitty, starts:

JAN 9 at 4PM & 5:30PM



This class is for teams that are ready to grow their skills working harder problems in preparation for competition.  All classes will be taught throughout the winter at Kamp Kitty. You'll get lots of experience working on harder odor problems, higher numbers of hides, bigger areas. Crating is provided or dogs can be kept in cars between runs. [Note: This class is replacing the Thurs night class at Big Spring Farm for the winter]

NEXT SESSION at Kamp Kitty, starts: 

JAN 9 at 7:00PM



Dogs have established a strong foundation for searching for target odor, now we will introduce more complex problems, work on leash handling and search strategies and discuss recognition of changes of behavior and when to call 'alert.'  All 4 elements will be covered. We also discuss the importance of odor hygiene and understanding odor movement.  Intro to Odor is pre-requisite for this course.

Next Session starts at 4-Legged Friends:

JAN 7 at 3:3PM

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