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Jessica Miller, CPDT-KA, CNWI, PMCT

I started Go Pawsitive in 2013 as a place where clients could learn about all the amazing things their dogs could do!  My background in academics makes me want to understand why certain techniques work better than others and why dogs do what they do.  I was drawn to K9 Nose Work when I witnessed the richness of dogs' olfactory world  in ways our human eyes could never understand.  The fact that we run an entire sport based around a dog's natural joy of hunting is both fascinating and thrilling.  We can learn so much about who are dogs are in this sport, both as a species and as individuals.  Allowing our dogs the joy of being not only allowed, but rewarded for using their innate sniffing abilities, gives them an outlet that is often missing being stuck in our human world.  The fact that it also makes the handler acutely aware of their dog's behavior and decision making, is an extra benefit that few people outside of the Nose Work world get the privilege to enjoy.

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