Do you feel dread a the sight of little white boxes?   Do you panic at the thought of food distractors?  Is your dog a certified box smasher?

We'll tackle all of this and more in a course that should see you looking forward to the Container element!  

TUES @ 6:45PM  (starts JAN 8 , 6 weeks) $120.


Drop In Practice for NW2, NW3 & Elite Level Searches.  These classes are going to be a part of our Travel Class program, but every class will be taught at Kamp Kitty on Sunday evenings.  Each class will focus specifically on preparing teams for NACSW NW2-Elite (AKC Advanced-Excellent) searches.  Please note: AKC Buried searches will be taught in a separate class.​

For any teams that have already started on Birch odor this class prepare you for your first ORT or NACSW NW1 trial.  We will work on handler observation skills, leash handling, developing and maintaining odor obedience & navigating each element of a trial (Interiors, Vehicles, Exteriors, & Containers).  

This class is taught using high value treats & toys, which may at the beginning be paired with odor depending on your dog's proficiency.

Dogs work one at a time, so must be able to be crated quietly (we provide crates) or kept in your car between runs.

Novice & Advanced Handler Scent for AKC Scent Work Searches.  AKC has added a non-odor division to their program, in order to mimic Search and Rescue detection.  The basic premise is similar to searching Scent Articles in OB, but with a twist.  We'll work from start to finish on training this behavior.  Approved Scent Articles for Novice and Advanced will be provided by instructor.

Are you ready to step up to NW3, but not sure how to prepare for the new challenges you'll face as a handler?

Have you been trailing at NW3 and struggled with the mental game or reading your dog when you are under the pressure?

In this class we'll work on understanding how NW3 searches differ from what you've done before.  We'll help prepare you for the mental rigors of working into the unknown and develop strategies for keeping your cool from start to finish!​

For teams that have successfully completed Intro to Odor.  We will expand your dog's exposure to new elements (particular focus on Vehicles and Exteriors).  This class will also prepare you and your dog for the Birch ORT, the first step towards trialing in NACSW.  Particular attention will be paid to observation skills and leash handling skills for the handler and odor obedience & enthusiasm for odor in the dog.

Dogs work one at a time, so must be able to be crated quietly (we provide crates) or kept in your car between runs.​


Elevated, Low & Suspended Hides - Enhance your dogs current skill set. Learn how to systematically develop indication when high and low hides are present.  Develop an eye for how your dog works hides over their heads and very low to the ground and how to support their search as a handler.  Recognize more quickly what your dog’s behavior is signaling when working such hides.

Novice & Advanced Buried Hide searches for AKC Scent Work.  AKC has added a buried hide searches to their program, in order to mimic the work of dogs in human remains detection.  The Novice and Advanced levels are performed in a more controlled setting, which we can easily prepare for in a class setting.  Rules, Supply Lists, Practice Guides, and odor setting tips will be supplied, as well as a systematic approach to teaching dogs to hunt in contained soil.

Do you ever find that your dog has trouble dealing with distractions in a new place?  Have you started working toward your NW2 or AKC Advanced only to find yourself worried about those pesky intentional distractions?  This is a class for teams of all levels who are already working odor and want to work their dog around a variety of new distractions, while developing an understanding of how to deal with the challenges they can present, both in training and in competition.

Dogs work one at a time, so must be able to be crated quietly (we provide crates) or kept in your car between runs.

Travel classes offer an opportunity to practice your NW skills and odor obedience in new and often challenging environments.   This allows dogs and handlers to experience settings and scenarios more similar to trial searches than can be created in a classroom only setting.

They are not a substitute for building a solid foundation in independent hunting and odor obedience in your dog, but more a chance to stretch that foundation and see if there remain areas for improvement.  As a result, I generally require that all dogs be proficient on Birch, Anise and Clove odors before signing up for travel class.  It is preferred that a dog has passed an ORT on each odor, but not required.  The best place to acquire proficiency on a new odor is generally in a safe and familiar setting with preparation and planning.   Travel Class does not always afford that opportunity.  If you are at all concerned about your dog’s proficiency on one or more odors, please let me know in advance so that I can plan for that.

In addition, once proficiency on each odor has been obtained, novelty of environment plays a great part in your NW training.  As you progress through the levels of trialing, you will find that the more exposure your dog has had to generalizing skills to new locations the easier your progression will be!

Classes are currently held on WEDS and SUN, with Wednesday classes changing location regularly and Sundays focused on skills and drills at a set location (4-Legged Friends in Hagerstown).

Classes are run on a punch card system, with each card costing $150 and containing 6 punches.  1 dog attending 1 Travel Class is 1 punch, with additional punches for each additional dog.  Cards never expire and you can come to classes and use your punches at your convenience.  So, if you want to bring 3 dogs to class twice a month that will use up 1 card.  Or you can bring 1 dog to class every other month and use one card per year.   It’s totally up to you and your schedule!

Class sign-ups are posted on a private Facebook Group at noon two days before class.  Wed class sign-up is on Monday at noon, Sunday on Friday at noon.

If you have any questions or would like to join classes, please email for information and to join the Facebook page


For dogs of any age, breed, physical ability and background (including dogs that may not fare well in regular classes).  This class will introduce you to the key concepts of the sport of K9 Nose Work®, including independent hunting, complex problem solving, how scent moves & how to recognize changes in your dog's body language.  This class is taught using high value food or toy rewards and will progress to the point where you are ready to start your dog working on odor.  Upper level classes will introduce odor and preparation for competition.


Dogs work one at a time, so must be able to be crated quietly (please bring your own crate) or kept in your car between runs. 


Mason & Dixon Kennel Club, Washington County Agricultural Education Center (Boonsboro, MD) 


New session starts THURSDAY, FEB 23, 2023 (ALL CLASSES FILLED, please contact jess@gopawsitive to join Wait List)




INTRO TO K9 Nose Work® / INTRO TO ODOR®  -  6:30 PM 

TRIAL PREP -   7:30 PM 


Classes are 6-weeks long and cost $150 (payable by cash or check to MDKC on first night of class).

KAMP KITTY, 2284 Nestle Quarry Road (Falling Waters, WV)

New Session Starts TUESDAY, FEB 28, 2023 at 4PM 

Classes are 6-weeks long and cost $150 REGISTER HERE


4-Legged Friends, 12839 SALEM AVE (HAGERSTOWN, MD)


New session starts: APRIL 23, 2023 at 4PM (REGISTRATION WILL OPEN SOON)